About Isshin

Isshin is run by me, Miuyki Oda. Isshin / 一心 means one heart. I brew tea with all my heart. I would like you to feel like a special guest when you visit me. Unfortunately, the shop in the city center of The Hague was closed in 2019, but you can visit my home by giving me an appointment. I am very sorry for this inconvenience.

I take great care in selecting the best 日本茶 Japanese green teas – differing in origin, taste, ingredients and properties. Apart from many types of green tea, at Isshin you can also find other authentic Japanese products such as: handmade ceramic and 漆 Urushi / wooden lacquerware, unique Japanese items hand-sewn from kimono, a selection of tea preparation tools, finest soy sauce  and so on.

Isshin’s tea 日本茶 are packed air-tight and stored in a temperature below 0°C to preserve the best taste and the unique properties of the tea that are only present in the freshest of dried tea leaves.

Urushi 漆 – wooden lacquerware  is called “Japan” since long time ago. Many of the artistic Urushiware are made especially for the Tea Ceremony. Next to the fine art Urushiware, simpler lacquerware is made for every day use.  Lacquer history in Japan goes as far back in time as twelve thousand years ago. Lacquer is a sap of  lacquer tree that grows exclusively  in Asia. When it is dried and hardened, it becomes an extraordinarily  tough material, resistant to heat, water, acid and alkali. On a larger scale lacquer coating has a unique effect of protecting the underlaying surface not only from water but also preventing rotting and insects. Since ancient times the Japanese have used that strongest natural form of  paint to protect surfaces and make beautiful art pieces.  Isshin provides you with Japansese handmade bowls, chop-sticks, spoons and forks for everyday use, at a accessible price.  I wish you enjoy its excellent “warm” feeling to your lips and hands.

During workshops I will teach you how to brew your own cup of Japanese tea, how to whisk Matcha or how to prepare traditional Japanese Wagashi made from sweet bean paste and hand-shaped into small works of art. During the tea workshops you will become familiar with different teas and gain first-hand knowledge from an authentic Japanese perspective.  On request, it is also possible to have Japanese Tea Party, cooking class, Lacquer painting and Kintsugi.  The workshops will deepen your knowledge of the Japanese tea, culture and etc..  A workshop can also be a great gift for someone whom you wish to invite.

With my passion to connect the beautiful cultures and the rich cultural heritage of both the Netherlands and Japan, since 2016 I combine tea and tourism and organise “tea tours” that can deepen your knowledge of art, history and the practice of Japan. If you are interested in visiting Japan with Brilliant Tours, please send us a message.

Terms and Conditions


We ship to all EU countries via the PostNL package service. For orders within the Netherlands the shipping cost is €7. For orders outside of the Netherlands the shipping cost is €12. Within the Netherlands we offer free shipping on orders above €50, free shipping to other countries of the EU is applicable on orders above €100. We do our best to ship orders as soon as possible and your order will ship within 48 hours of your purchase. You can also select a shipping hand gift wrapped for €6. If you want to pick up your order, you are welcome to come by Isshin at Nieuwstraat 6H 2511AV Den Haag during the working hours.


If for any reason you are not satisfied with your order, you can return the unopened goods within 14 days from the date of purchase. You need to inform us about your wish to withdraw from the agreement regarding the purchase before the 14 day cancellation period has expired. Because we are a small store you need to pay the return shipping cost yourself. When we receive the returned goods, we will issue the refund to your account within 20 days. You can also bring the returned goods back to the store.

Returns of faulty goods

We take best care in securing the safety and quality of our products. However, in case of receiving faulty goods, please send us a message including a photo of the product you wish to return. We can than send you the same product or accept your return and refund your order within 20 days of confirming the refund. If you wish to receive a new product in place of the damaged one, we will cover the shipping cost of the new product.


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