Green Tea

Assortment of best Japanese Green Teas carefully selected by the Isshin owner. What distinguishes Japense tea from all other teas is the umami (savoury) taste. Even though all tea is produced from the leaves of the same plant, Camellia Sinensis, the Japanese tea oxidising enzyme is removed by steaming the leaves as soon as possible just after they have been harvested. That gives the tea its remarkable umami taste. Once you become acquainted with it, you will always be an admirer of Japanese Green Tea.

All our teas are packed air-tight and stored in a temperature below 0° to ensure the best taste and to ensure the health properties of the tea that are only present in the freshest of dried tea leaves.

We encourage you to consume all Isshin tea soon after opening to preserve the fine flavour of the tea. The air, humidity and light are all enemies of the Japanese tea. Please use soft water for brewing most of our teas and always check the label for the best temperature for your tea.

Isshin teas come from the Kyushu Island, especially from Yame, Ureshino and Chiran.

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