Matcha is a stone ground premium Japanese Green Tea. The size of a single powder particle varies from around 6 to 20 microns. Recently Matcha became known worldwide due to its rediscovery by scientists. As a result it was announced a super food. That only confirmed what was already known to the Japanese – that Matcha has numerous and significant health benefits. It is antioxidant, anticancerogenic, it regulates the digestion and blood-circulation.

Drinking Matcha regularly is the best way to profit from the Japanese Green Tea health benefits. All types of the First Flush Matcha although almost identical in appearance vary greatly in taste, the smallest particle First Flush Tea (the first tea harvest in the year) being of the superior quality, taste and health properties. This is the grade of matcha that we have, the ceremonial Houju Matcha having the most refined taste.

To ensure the best taste always sift the Matcha powder before use.

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